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Mustard Tah Tsai Certified Organic

Mustard Tah Tsai Certified Organic

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Brassica rapa var. rosularis. CERTIFIED ORGANIC! A beautiful, easy-to-grow delight, the small, glossy, spoon-shaped, dark-green leaves with white stems grow in a perfect flat rosette. It adds rich colour, mild flavour, and nutrition to salads and stir-fries. Size depends on spacing so thin to 15-30cm (6-12") apart. Tah Tsai Organic pac choi seeds can be sown spring through fall, and work well in containers. This is a particularly nice vegetable for making the classic Chinese pickled mustard greens. Once pickled, tah tsai offers a crunchy, sour note to offset rich flavours like coconut. This vegetable is often listed as tatsoi, which is simply a variation in phonetic Chinese spelling.

Matures in 40-50 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Nutritious and has a mild flavour
    • Small, glossy, dark green leaves
    • Cole crop
    • Open-pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 40-50 days



Brassica rapa chinensis
Family: Brassicaceae



Season & Zone

Season: Cool season
Exposure: Full sun to partial shade


All are cool season plants that grow quickly and then bolt. Direct sow with frost protection (a cloche or heavy row cover) as early as late winter, or without protection from four weeks before the last frost date to eight weeks after. Sowing short rows every 2-3 weeks allows for a fairly constant harvest time. Sow again in late summer, and provide frost protection as the first frost date approaches.

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