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Cornflower Classic Magic

Cornflower Classic Magic

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    • A melodramatic mix of light and dark cornflowers: deep plums, moody mauves, light lavendars with purple centres. Some of the darkest flowers feature white tips on each petal. These summer bloomers grow to 80-100 cm (32-40") tall. Excellent in borders and bouquets, and as garnishes in savoury dishes and desserts. Fleuroselect Novelty 2012.


        • 2.5-3.8cm (1-1.5") blooms
        • Great cut flower
        • Edible
        • 80-100 cm (32-40") tall



    Centaurea cyanus
    Family: Asteraceae


    Very easy

    Season & Zone

    Exposure: Full sun


    Direct sow starting just before last frost, and again every two weeks until end of spring. Centaurea can be direct sown in autumn as well. Starting indoors is not necessary, but can be accomplished by keeping seed trays in the dark at the optimal soil temperature of 15-21°C (60-70°F). Move under bright lights once germination occurs, and transplant out in late spring, after all risk of frost has passed.

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