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Wildflowers -Xeriscape Mix

Wildflowers -Xeriscape Mix

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Conserve water by planting varieties that (once established) need little or no further irrigation to thrive. Xeriscape Mix wildflower seeds are a selection of drought tolerant species that can be used anywhere in Canada or the Western United States where the elevation is below 2,000m (7,000'). It will bloom throughout the driest weather and return year after year. Xeriscaping allows growers to conserve the water that is proving to be ever more precious each year, and at the same time provide food for threatened pollinators and beauty to areas that may look haggard and dry in a normal season. This blend grows to 60cm (24") tall.
Recommended rate of application: 141g per 1,000 square feet.

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Blend Ingredients.

    • Annuals, perennials and biennials
    • Sow in spring and autumn
    • Drought tolerant
    • Returns year after year




Season & Zone

Exposure: Full sun to partial shade, depending on the blend


Try to direct sow wildflower seeds during the period two weeks before, and eight weeks after, your last average frost date. Sowing when there is some risk of minor frost may improve germination. Wildflower seeds can also be sown in the autumn, but a certain percentage of seeds to may be lost to water, birds, and animals. To make the most of the annual species, direct sow in early spring.

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