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Cucumbers- Early Fortune Certified Orgainc

Cucumbers- Early Fortune Certified Orgainc

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Described as the earliest and best white spine, heirloom cucumber ever offered, Early Fortune Organic is a fresh and clean tasting slicer is descended from seeds first bred in Michigan in 1906. The fruits grow 18-21cm (7-8”) long, and a consistent 5cm (2”) in diameter. The plants are richly productive for the home or market gardener. It also makes gorgeous pickles. The plants are productive in the greenhouse or polytunnel, but equally so growing in raised beds or the open field. Give the fruits a quick rub with a tea towel or similar cloth to remove spines at harvest time.

Matures in 55 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Certified Organic seeds
    • Richly productive
    • Makes excellent pickles
    • Matures in 55 days
    • Open pollinated seeds



      Cucumis sativus
      Family: Cucurbitaceae



      Season & Zone

      Season: Warm season
      Exposure: Full-sun


      Cucumbers need very warm soil to germinate. If direct sowing, wait until mid-June. If weather turns cool and wet after that, just re-sow. Or start transplants indoors in individual peat or coir pots 3-4 weeks before transplanting out into warm soil. If starting indoors, use bottom heat. Transplant when the plants develop their third true leaf. If the plants are too big, they may experience transplant shock. Optimal soil temperature for germination (and transplanting): 15-30°C (60-85°F).


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