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Sunflower- Solar Power

Sunflower- Solar Power

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Plant Solar Power sunflower seeds in mass plantings if you have the room because the flowers are so striking. They look great on their own as well, or mixed in with other medium-tall varieties. Striking bi-coloured petals are mahogany with bright yellow tips around a dark brown centre for amazing contrast on 1.7m (5.5') tall plants. Solar Power has thick, strong stems, but it is surprisingly nice as a cut flower, dominating any bouquet with its large size and flashy colour. All sunflowers are attractive to honeybees and other wild pollinators, and they can act as a kind of beacon to draw pollinators towards crops that require pollination like squash and pumpkins.

Hardy Annual (HA)

    • Hardy Annual
    • Mahogany with bright yellow tips
    • Grows to 1.7m (5.5') tall
    • Very colourful
    • Looks great in grouped plantings



Helianthus annuus
Family: Asteraceae



Season & Zone

Exposure: Full sun


Direct sow repeatedly after the last frost date. Starting indoors is possible, but does not gain much time. If sunflowers are allowed to get root-bound, they will lack stability at transplant time, and will require staking. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 21-30°C (70-85°F). Seeds should sprout in 10-14 days.

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