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Purple Ruffles

Purple Ruffles

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Purple Ruffles basil seeds are an All America Selections Winner. This is an improved purple leaf basil chosen for its deep ruffles and decorative serrated leaf margins. It really stands out in salads! Purple Ruffles has a slight clove scent that makes a pungent and colourful herbal vinegar. The taste and stunning purple colour make up for the occasional green plant. Grow it in containers and harvest its edible flowers that appear in mid summer. Use these to garnish punch or gazpacho, and use the rich purple leaves to provide elegant contrast whenever you use green pesto. Always be sure to provide ample drainage to your basil plants, whether it's in the garden or in containers.

    • Slight clove scent
    • Improved purple leaf basil
    • Deep ruffles



    Ocimum basilicum, Holy basil is O. tenuiflora.
    Family: Lamiaceae




    Warm season Exposure: Full sun


    Basil grows well in containers indoors at any time of year provided you can supply enough light. For outdoor growing, sow basil seeds throughout late spring for transplanting to the garden after the summer solstice. Or direct sow in early summer, once the soil has warmed up. Basil requires warm soil and full sun. Optimal temperature for germination: 21°C (70°F). Seeds should sprout in 5-10 days.

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