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Lions Mane Broad Leaved

Lions Mane Broad Leaved

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Allium tuberosum. A broad leaf variety of Lions Mane garlic chives seeds with quite flat, flavourful leaves resembling a lion’s mane. Fast growing with edible white flowers. This herb is a positively essential ingredient in Chinese dumplings. Mix finely chopped garlic chives with ground pork (or tofu), minced water chestnuts (or jicama), and a dash of sesame oil and some white pepper. Wrap in wonton skins, or use to stuff into potstickers or dumplings. Look for more garlic chives recipes in our online recipe guide. Sow Lions Mane garlic chives seeds in your organic herb or vegetable garden.

    • Broad leaf
    • Flavourful leaves
    • Fast growing
    • Edible white flowers


    Allium schoenoprasum & A. tuberosum
    Family: Alliaceae



    Season & Zone

    Season: Cool season
    Exposure: Full sun
    Zone: Hardy to Zone 3


    Start indoors from late winter through mid-spring, and transplant or direct sow once the soil has warmed in late spring. Optimal soil temperature for germination: 19°C (65°F).

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