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Lettuce City Garden (Pelleted)

Lettuce City Garden (Pelleted)

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This is a blend of green and red lettuces selected for use as baby greens. These lettuces look spectacular in a container with their diverse shapes, colours, and textures, almost like a bouquet of flowers. Harvest the baby greens with scissors for an instant, pre-mixed salad. Grow in full sun from fall to spring, and in partial shade in the summer. Each pellet contains numerous seeds, so one or two pellets per 5" container is ample. The result is very attractive and fully edible.

Matures in 55 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Babyleaf
    • Blend of green and red lettuces selected for baby greens
    • Diverse shapes, colours and textures
    • Blend of green and red lettuces selected for baby greens
    • Open pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 55 days
    • 12 Pellets




    Season & Zone

    Season: Cool season
    Exposure: Full sun to partial shade


    Seed every three weeks from just before the last frost date until the end of summer for a continuous harvest. Provide frost protection with a cloche or heavy row cover when frost looms in the fall. Many mesclun types and mixes will continue to grow all winter where winters are mild.

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