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LetPot Max Hydroponics

LetPot Max Hydroponics

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LetPot Max Hydroponics System

  • Equipped 21-pod tray for regular greens and 2-pod grow tray for bigger plants
  • Automatically add nutrients when fresh water is added.
  • Automatically add water when water-level is low.
  • Two modes of grow lights for fruit&flower and Veggies&herbs.
  • 8-level adjustable LED growing light system for different needs.
  • Waterproof nano coating on the light to extend its lifespan
  • The biggest 7.5L water tank reduces re-filling frequency
  • 4.6 inches monitor LED touch screen with dynamic display
  • App monitor to know water level, nutrients status, lighting, temperature and more in your phone
  • Get water & nutrients shortage alarm on app and touchpad
  • Watering pump, Nurturing pump and recycling pump maintain efficiency

Unique Features of Max

Setting itself apart from standard hydroponics grow systems available in the market, Max innovatively introduces new features designed for enhanced convenience for indoor gardeners

Automatic Water Refilling

Max introduces a seamless connection to a water tank for automatic water replenishment, ensuring your garden stays hydrated without constant monitoring.

Automatic Nutrient Addition

As the first of its kind, Max features an auto-nurturing system that automatically dispenses nutrients to your plants, following each water refill, simplifying plant care.

Flexible Lighting Schedule

Break free from rigid lighting intervals with Max's customizable lighting settings, allowing you to determine the precise light-on and light-off times that best suit your plants' needs.

Adaptable Lighting Options

Equipped with two specialized lighting modes for vegetables & herbs and fruits & flowers, Max also offers eight levels of light intensity to support plant growth at every stage.

Convenient Smart Control

Control your Max garden effortlessly using the 4.6" LED touch screen or through a mobile app, providing peace of mind even when you're away.

Expanded Plant Capacity

With the addition of a larger 2-hole tray, Max now accommodates bigger plants, offering them the space needed to flourish.

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