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Eggplants- Snowy F1certified organic

Eggplants- Snowy F1certified organic

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CERTIFIED ORGANIC. A high-yielding open pollinated variety, Diamond is an early maturing eggplant with cold-climate adaptation and can produce well even in northern climates. It is ideal for growing in regions with short seasons or those with cool summers. The appealing, slender 10-15 cm (4-6 inch) dark purple fruits hang in clusters and has a nice, firm texture with mild flavour and no bitterness. Delicious simply roasted or grilled with a splash of olive and a dash of salt and pepper.

    • Both high-yielding and open pollinated
    • Performs well even in cooler climates
    • Slender fruits with firm texture and no bitterness
    • 50 Seeds



    Solanum melogena
    Family: Solanaceae



    Season & Zone

    Season: Warm season
    Exposure: Full-sun


    Sow indoors four weeks before your expected last frost date. Use bottom heat, and keep seedlings warm. Optimal soil temperature: 24-32°C (75-90°F). Seeds should sprout in 7-12 days.

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