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Basil Sweet certified Organic

Basil Sweet certified Organic

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Sweet Basil organic seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! This vigorous basil variety produces large, mid-green leaves all summer long. Keep picking the growing tips and the 2 pairs of leaves below them for the kitchen. More branches will sprout producing more leaves. This large-leaved Italian type is the preferred variety for traditional pesto recipes. Plant several times for a continuous supply until frost. Grow some organic sweet basil in a pot on a warm and sunny windowsill, and harvest fresh leaves right through the winter. Basil is a heat-loving plant so wait until the soil has warmed up before planting. Basil seeds may take several weeks to germinate, so be patient. Bottom heat speeds germination.

    • Large leaved, Italian type
    • Grow one on a sunny windowsill
    • Vigorous plants with mid-green leaves
    • Plant several times for a continuous supply
    • Pinch the growing tips for bushy growth



    Ocimum basilicum, Holy basil is O. tenuiflora.
    Family: Lamiaceae




    Warm season Exposure: Full sun


    Basil grows well in containers indoors at any time of year provided you can supply enough light. For outdoor growing, sow basil seeds throughout late spring for transplanting to the garden after the summer solstice. Or direct sow in early summer, once the soil has warmed up. Basil requires warm soil and full sun. Optimal temperature for germination: 21°C (70°F). Seeds should sprout in 5-10 days.


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